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  • Client : Bow River Solutions
  • Category : Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Predictive and Business Intelligence
  • Website : www.BowRiverSolutions.com
  • Date : 27/05/2021

Data Analysis & Pattern Recognition | We develop solutions bases on statistical metholodgies which allow us to predictive customer behaviors; we normally use python, R, SQL to model the data and to design a solution

Anomaly Detection | We extract data out of databases, files documents or any other sources and using ETL tools such as snowflake, SSIS, data bricks, phyton, R or any other ETL tool; once the data is collected, integrated, and transform then, data will be classified as structured or unstructured data. We use visualization tools such as Power bi, tableau, BO, Cognos and any other visualization tool that becomes the right fit for the right job


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