Data Analysis & Pattern Recognition | We develop solutions bases on statistical metholodgies which allow us to predictive customer behaviors; we normally use python, R, SQL to model the data and to design a solution Anomaly Detection | We extract data out of databases, files documents or any other sources and using ETL tools such [...]
Efficiently manage and govern ongoing operations of analytics processes; Access on-demand data scientists to quickly scale your analytics team; Rapid time to insight ; Lower operating cost and business risk. Advanced Analytics Solutions & Strategies | We use data extraction, data integration and data manipulation along with data warehouse, data mart and data analytics techniques [...]
Assisting small, mid and enterprise business to enhance their data use by implementing applications and solutions which allows them to visualize possible generation of revenue, hidden opportunities and predicted losses. orking along small, mid and enterprise business to identify the best path to solidify business’ strategies to achieve their sales projections, identify possible revenue and/or [...]
Industry: The term Industry refers to people working alongside robots and smart machines. It’s about robots helping humans work better and faster. Society: Human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems by a system that highly integrates cyberspace and physical space. Education: We are experiencing major societal shifts driven by exponential [...]