Good Cop Bad Cop – Getting Your Data To Spill The Beans

We’ve been working with clients throughout Western Canada – including Calgary, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Victoria and other cities – to help them make the most of their Business Intelligence software purchases and get real use out of the mountains of data that we are surrounded by these days. There are several approaches possible to make the most of your data more than a good cop/bad cop approach.

Exploring your data through Business Intelligence helps to eliminate missed opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. There are many elements to Business Intelligence that help in this regard. Here are just a few examples:

  • Understanding how project costs are accumulating will help to keep track of projects as they progress.
  • In addition a thorough understanding of project costs will ensure current and future project success.
  • Understanding social media and what your customers are saying about your business and industry can give you insight into how to best spend your time.
  • Effective BI systems help to understand all areas of a business – finance, operations, sales and marketing. Finance with year over year reporting with easy slice and dice by business area and managers, operations – for ahead of the game quality control, sales for on the road reporting and customer understanding, and marketing for campaign analysis, and so much more.
  • With Business Intelligence and data warehousing we are able to join isolated silos of data to provide the full view of organization.

We develop solutions that answer business questions and put the control into your hands where it is most needed so you can do your job quickly and effectively. By having self-serve access to your business information you don’t have to put on the bad cop attitude – you can simply answer your own questions and start taking action. This isn’t a pipe dream; ask us how we’ve been able to help other companies to get the data into the hands of those that can make decisions so they’re able to make fact based decisions. Contact us today at or  (587)-885-1090.

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