How many ways have you been thinking of to improve your company? The company suggestion box might be empty but many employees easily recognize ways to reduce costs and save their company money. Sometimes the most difficult part in accomplishing the changes needed to reduce costs is proving that it will make a difference. We’ve been helping customers in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Victoria reduce their costs by managing by numbers and making decisions based on facts. Here’s how we’ve helped others using Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Shifting a company over to fact based decisions starts with a reliable system to see those facts. Having that reliable single source of the truth is key for being able to unify an organization and bring teams together based on their data. Once that system is in place then it is possible to make decisions and reduce costs based on evidence provided by data.

By setting up systems to easily visualize company information it becomes an easy task to identify costs by departments and see where money is being spent as an investment that helps to increase company revenue versus money that is being spent that is not getting a positive return on investment. These reports can be scheduled to go out to the responsible managers so they can better manage the numbers and take action. If you need a special report to add to a presentation and get it in front of your management board, that is possible with little effort using business intelligence. We’ve had business customers create new reports while their manager was still standing in the doorway of their office waiting for an answer. It is possible to get this kind of information quickly with self-service reporting without having to make the request and wait a week for a response. This kind of self-service reporting is common-place now; it is possible to reduce the load on the IT department while still living within good data governance practices.

If you know the information is available but you are having trouble pulling it together to prove that with a little effort dollars can be saved, we can help. We’ve helped other companies pull together reports and even distribute these directly to managers on a regular basis so better decisions can be made. Getting close to the budget? Want to know what was spent last year compared to this year to date? Need to understand the project costs better in order to support the next project? We can set things up and automate the whole process so each new query can be answered with self-service proficiency. It can be as easy as opening up an Excel spreadsheet – or in fact much easier.

There really is an explosion of data and often not enough time or resources to make the most out of it. By automating processes around managing the data and using new tools with Artificial Intelligence built-in it is possible to gain a real competitive advantage without being overwhelmed by data. It used to be that we dreamt of a day when systems were easy to set up and provided the answers quickly. Rapid responses without spending two years building a data warehouse to pull it all together and then still needing an IT degree to get the answer to the latest query. The future is here now and you can log in, upload a file and get answers immediately – and start making fact based decisions for your organization today. Ask us how to help you get started with a free trial of IBM Watson Analytics and get the answers you need. Finding the proof of the changes can be that easy. Contact us at or (587)-885-1090.