Business Analytics Moving From On Premise to Cloud

Business Analytics is just one of the software applications used by companies that has been moving to the cloud over the last several years and this trend is gaining speed. We have customers in Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatchewan that have already moved to the cloud or are in the process of moving to the cloud. Why are they doing this? How are they doing this? I’ll explain a few of the reasons here.

Cost Savings in the Cloud

There are several reasons for the move to the cloud but really the driving force tends to be cost savings. When considering the cost of servers plus the cost of full time employees to maintain those servers the savings becomes quite clear to push these capital and operational expenses to a monthly operational service  charge that can be relied on as a consistent cost going forward.

How to go to the Cloud

When companies are making the decision to move to the cloud they have options – go to the software vendor such as IBM and buy their SAAS version of the software they need like Cognos Analytics on the cloud and pay their monthly fee to use the software without having the costs of upgrades etc. Another option is to simply keep their version of their on-premise software but then install it on the cloud on servers like Amazon’s. This doesn’t present the same software application cost savings but does add back some control into the company’s hands.

Why Not Move to the Cloud

On the other hand – why would we not move from on-premise to the cloud? The main reason why companies are not moving to the cloud is typically related to security. As well, there are some industries that the location of their data is highly regulated. For instance due to privacy regulations it is mandatory that all data regarding children in Canada remains in Canada. There are cloud servers that are located in Canada but this is one hold up for some industries related to childhood education. In addition security is a forefront for most industries

Help in the Cloud

Need help justifying moving your business analytics to the cloud – or need business analytics and the cloud will be your first stop? Let us know. We’re happy to help you experience life in the cloud! Contact us at info@bowriversolutions.com or (587)-885-1090.

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