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Behavioral science shows that 40% of the decisions we make throughout a day aren’t really decisions — they’re habits. Yahoo’s CEO told Bloomberg News that her goal for Yahoo as a web destination was to make it a habit:
“I think that there’s a real opportunity to help guide people’s daily habits in terms of what content they read. That is something that we are really working on. All of these daily habits — news, sports, games, finance, search, mail, answers, groups — these are all things we have been underinvested in.”

Launched in 1994, Yahoo is one of the old dogs of the tech world. In 2012, former Googler Marissa Mayer came on as CEO, amid much fanfare and a few photo shoots. Beyond the publicity, she quickly executed several smart strategies that have shaken up Yahoo.

7 Brilliant Strategies Marissa Mayer Used To Shake Up Yahoo


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Don’t believe people who say they work 60 hours a week.
People overstate the number of weekly hours they “usually” work by 5% to 10%, with those on the higher end being more likely to overestimate, according to a study le by John P. Robinson of the University of Maryland.

By examining US workers’ time diaries, the researchers found that people who say they usually work 55 to 64 hours per week are off by an average of about 10 hours; people who say they work 65 to 74 hours are overstating by about 20 hours.

Respondents may inflate their estimates because of a desire to appear industrious, the researchers suggest.

Stats & Curiosities from Harvard Business Review – Page 57

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80% Of Facebook’s Likes And Shares Come From Outside The U.S.
The Asia-Pacific and Western European regions accounted for the largest share of the clicks, claiming 21% each. Like and Share buttons are least popular in the Middle East, which only accounted for 3% of all engagement.

Here’s a breakdown of the stats:
Asia-Pacific accounted for 21% of impressions of Facebook’s Like and Share buttons
Latin America: 13%
U.S.: 20%
Western Europe: 21%
Central and Eastern Europe: 18%
Africa: 3%
Middle East: 2%
Canada: 3%


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Enterprise risk management is a critical differentiator that drives business performance and better outcomes. It helps protect your brand, provides a framework for implementing enterprise-wide governance policies, ensures regulatory compliance, and increases revenue through improved risk-aware decision making.

Fraudulent attacks grow increasingly more sophisticated. Using advanced customer screening, monitoring across channels in real-time for unusual behavior, and centralized case management for effective handling of detected events, you can:

Improve transaction integrity
Prevent sophisticated internal and external fraudulent activities
Ensure client trust

Managing financial risk effectively is vital to a bank’s success. Apply data modeling, predictive analytics, decision support tools and comprehensive reporting to better monitor, measure and manage market and credit risk exposure across multiple silos. You will enjoy improved liquidity, better capital management and decision-making consistent with business objectives and prudential norms.



The Canadian dollar capped its 5-year appreciation by achieving parity against the US dollar late in September. The increase accompanied higher commodity prices, notably records for oil and wheat, and a cut in US interest rates. The latter was motivated by the turmoil in financial markets that began in mid-August, and renewed weakness in the
US housing market

In Canada, however, there were few signs that the disruption in some financial markets (notably asset-backed commercial paper) was affecting the real economy. Most importantly, employment jumped 0.3% in September, helping to send the unemployment rate to a 31-year low of 5.9%. Higher commodity and stock market prices in September also pointed to the underlying strength of the economy

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