Many of our customers across Canada – in Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon have been switching over to the budget friendly Microsoft Power BI toolset for reporting and data analytics. There are lots of things to love about this easy to use tool but when I think of Power BI functionality I think Microsoft must have […]

How many ways have you been thinking of to improve your company? The company suggestion box might be empty but many employees easily recognize ways to reduce costs and save their company money. Sometimes the most difficult part in accomplishing the changes needed to reduce costs is proving that it will make a difference. We’ve […]

Business Analytics Moving From On Premise to Cloud Business Analytics is just one of the software applications used by companies that has been moving to the cloud over the last several years and this trend is gaining speed. We have customers in Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatchewan that have already moved to the cloud or are […]

Cognos Access Manager to Active Directory Several long-time Cognos customers in Western Canada are still using Access Manager to manage security for their IBM Cognos BI environment. (You’re not alone!) It was a great tool that has some handy advantages for administrators, however it is outdated and there are many reasons to move over to […]

‘Data is the new oil’ This quote is an interesting perspective on the importance of data in our digital society. This isn’t a particularly new quote but is very relevant for businesses in Calgary, Edmonton and other areas impacted by the energy industry. Our interaction with the digital realm has become an ingrained part of […]

Predicting The Future You may not be able to predict the winning lottery numbers but with advanced predictive analytics options today you won’t need to. That’s because it’s possible to increase your company revenue by predicting trends to be successful in a more traditional sense than winning the lottery. By analyzing your data you can […]